Qualifying for a Vital Flight Mission …

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To qualify for a Vital Flight Mission, a passenger must:

* Have a financial and a compassionate, humanitarian or medical need.

* Provide a minimum of 5 business days notice prior to the desired date of flight. However, we may consider a flight with less notice given, which will be approved on a case to case to basis.

* If appropriate, be medically stable as verified by a Medical Release Form completed by your physician or Social Worker.

* Be ambulatory, able to sit upright in a standard aircraft seat, wear a standard seatbelt and be able to get in and out of a 4 or 6 seat General Aviation plane with limited assistance.

* A child who has reached their 2nd birthday must be restrained either in an approved aircraft seat with safety belt fastened or an approved child restraint system; the child may not be held by a parent.

* The normal distance for a single leg of a flight is approximately 150-250 miles. If your request is for a longer distance, requiring more than one leg of a flight, we would look to link flights with multiple aircraft.

* Be able to reschedule or cancel the appointment, or have alternative transportation available in case of cancellation due to weather, pilot need, or other circumstances that might come up.

* Not have a communicable disease.

* There is no smoking or eating permitted during the flight.

* Baggage limit is 25 lbs. per person and luggage should be soft sided, no suitcases or metal frames. Strollers, walkers and wheelchairs must be collapsible. All medical equipment must be declared and weight recorded prior to mission. Oversized luggage and adult wheelchairs will NOT fit in a small aircraft.

* Passenger will need to Sign a Release of Liability form and provide Photo I.D. prior to flying.

NOTE: Vital Flight and our volunteer pilots reserve the right to cancel any mission for any reason, including but not limited to coordination problems, combative individuals, logistical or political circumstances, weather, natural disasters, mechanical problems and/or other events or unforeseen circumstances which may impede the normal, safe operation of a mission. Passengers: If you need to cancel your mission for any reason, you must contact our hotline at (800) 276-0300 as soon as possible. Passengers who do not cancel their mission before the scheduled mission date may not be provided free air transportation in the future.