Planes we Fly ...

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Vital Flight pilots volunteer their time and donate the fuel and their airplanes to fly missions. There are also those who rent airplanes to fly missions. The airplanes are small single or twin engine planes that seat four to six people and are capable of flying into virtually all airports. Unlike large commercial jets, there are limitations to how much weight can be carried on small general aviation airplanes. You will be asked for your actual weight and that of anyone accompanying you and you will be limited in the amount of baggage taken on the flight. It is very important that we receive accurate weights for your safety.

If you are afraid to fly, cannot be in confined spaces for long periods of time, prone to airsickness, or are sensitive warm temperatures, Vital Flight might not be an option. The aircraft are small, do not have air conditioning, and are more affected by turbulence than large commercial airliners. We are also not able to transport stretchers, gurneys, or large mechanized wheel chairs. The passenger must be physically strong enough to get into and out of a small airplane. The pilots will be able to provide some assistance, but the passenger must be able to step up into the airplane or up onto the wing without a staircase.
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It is also important that you have alternative travel arrangements or can reschedule your appointment because bad weather can prevent the flight from taking off.