Missions We Fly …

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Vital Flight will make every effort to coordinate a flight to meet your needs or, as a member of the Air Care Alliance, we can coordinate with other Volunteer Pilot Organizations to complete your flight.


Vital Flight serves those in need of medical treatment for a variety of reasons. The typical Vital Flight passenger is a patient seeking treatment or therapy for such illness as cancer, vision disorders, cardiovascular disease, or any other illness that requires medical attention on a non-emergency basis. Vital Flight is not an air ambulance and all patients must be medically cleared by a physician to fly. If the passenger intends to fly with a family member or a nurse or with equipments such as oxygen, we simply need to know in advance to ensure an aircraft that can accommodate those needs is available.


Vital Flight is proud to serve those who have served our great nation. We routinely fly wounded or disabled veterans whether injured in the line of duty or otherwise. We coordinate with the Veterans Administration to ensure our heroes get the special attention they have earned.
Vital Flight also offers service to family members who wish to be with their loved ones in time of need whether to be present for medical treatments for family members, funeral services, or to be present for special events, such special days for disabled children or adults. We will also fly those who participate in special events who could not otherwise be able to participate due to the distance between their homes and event locations. The aircraft do not have restrooms and there is no food service.
In order to qualify as a flight mission, the flight must be at least 200 miles and less than 1,000 miles.


Vital Flight participates in airlifts during natural disasters bringing much needed supplies to those hardest hit by storms, floods, or earthquakes. We will also transport those in need of relief from areas devastated by these occurrences.
We will also transport victims of crime such as domestic abuse wishing to relocate to new homes.