For over 25 years, pilots throughout the United States have been providing free air transportation with many organizations to those that qualify and meet specific requirements. Most of these pilot organizations, including Vital Flight, belong to a national organization - the Air Care Alliance. ACA Member Organizations share and collaborate in order to improve their missions of service to the public and to enhance access to aviation transportation for those with special needs.   

The founders of Vital Flight recognized an immediate need to serve humanitarian and compassionate needs, as well as medical needs in the community.  Coordinating air transportation for special needs camps, military veterans that need assistance, cancer patients, and emergency responders (fire, flood, storm, etc.) is what Vital Flight is all about and shows how we help people.

Whether you are a pilot, prospective recipient of our services, or a volunteer - Vital Flight brings it all together and coordinates the air transportation delivered by volunteer pilots that have dedicated themselves to this type of valuable service.  FAA qualified and licensed, these pilots provide their time, aircraft, and all expenses at no charge to those seeking assistance. Vital Flight recognizes this tremendous generosity and has designed programs especially to reward and thank those pilots.
You can be assured that 100% of any gift provided to Vital Flight will assist with missions, special community outreach, and pilot programs. There is no paid staff - just dedicated volunteers - both on the ground and in the air, serving those in need.